Gel Seal Closure



Product Datasheet_GSC-7812

Gel seal closure for 1/2" jumper cable to 7/8" feeder cable

Item No.: GSC-7812

Product Line: Coax Accessories

Product Type:Weatherproofing Kit

Specs: 1/2" to 7/8"

Material: PC+ABS, GEL

Length:207 mm (8.15 in)

Height:54 mm (2.20 in)

Width: 94 mm (3.70 in)

Operation Temperature:  -30℃ to 60℃

Waterproof rate: IP68

Dimensions of the connections

Outer diameter of 1/2" jumper cable13 - 17 mm (0.512 - 0.669 in)
Outer diameter of 7/8" feeder cable 27 - 29 mm (1.063 - 1.142 in)
Maximum connector diameter 40.5 mm (1.594 in)
Maximum length of the connection 128 mm (5.039 in)

Features / Advantages

Gel seal closure, GSC-7812, is a new kind of weatherproofing kit for wireless cell tower. It is

designed to quickly seal the coax in-line connection between 1/2” cable to 7/8” cable. This closure

contains an innovative gel material and provides an efficient block against moisture & salt mist.

-- Quick and easy install, take seconds, no tape, no mastic and no tool needed.

-- Allow install under tight space. Good for multi-connections situation in nowaday networking.

-- Simple install, insure an uniform and good connector-sealing jobs.

-- Removable and reusable without disconnection of the network.

-- ROHS compliant


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