MWC19---Meet you in Barcelona, Spain

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One of the key words of mwc19 is 5G. Technology leads our life, 5G era will bring us endless enjoyment. The intelligent transformation and upgrading in the future will also be oriented to the whole industry.


At the exhibition site, you can see that operators from all over the world gather here and show their own uniqueness. China Mobile, ACE technology, Telefonica, Tata, BT, Saudi Telecom, etc.


As a professional manufacturer of connectors and cable components, Zhengkai electronics once again appeared in MWC. Huber + Suhner / Rosenberg / CommScope and other brand manufacturers show their solutions for 5G: RF to optoelectronic conversion, 5G indoor distribution solutions and 3.5G antenna launched to pave the way for 5G, all of which indicate the development trend and trend of communication industry.


The future communication industry is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for Zhengkai electronics, an accessory manufacturer. Let's follow the pace of industry pioneers and innovate constantly in the process of rapid change.


Focusing on quality and attentive service has always been the constant pursuit of Zhengkai electronics. Future road, come on!


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